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Mar, 2019

2019 DLL Spring Update

Good evening
By now, I hope that each team has had their first practice and have had their respective parent / coach meeting.  These meetings are very important as it outlines the upcoming season and allows for the first steps of communication to be established for each team.  Much of what I am about to say has hopefully been covered with you by your team mom.  With that said, lets get started with how that communication relates to our DLL Board.
-  If your child gets injured during a practice or game at Davie Little League, it is your coach/managers responsibility to fill out a Little League Accident Report.  Once he or she fills out their section, you fill out your section and this form is to be emailed to me within 24 hours of the accident.  I move very quickly with these forms to ensure that Little League International can get the claim filed and prepare to assist you.
-  IF YOUR CHILD'S injury is severe, I need a phone call ASAP.  Your coach has my cell number and it is their responsibility to call me.
-  During scheduled games our board will have someone on duty to assist anyone that may have an issue or needs to bring something to our attention.  To determine who that individual is, please go to the concession stand and either ask or look at the new and soon to be installed dry erase board that will be located beside of the concession stand door.
-  If you have an issue within your team.  Your first line of communication is YOUR TEAM MANAGER / HEAD COACH.  Not your friend, not the person who is sitting beside of you, not the rest of the parents on the team and definitely not social media.  Your problem with the coach needs to be addressed by you with that coach.  He or she has stepped up to volunteer their time and you owe them that respect.  So often, within competitive athletics, many things can be questioned and interpreted many different ways.  If you have an issue with your coach, address it with him or her away from everyone else so that he or she can understand your issue and try to resolve it.
-  If your meeting with your manager/coach doesn't fix the problem - your next step is NOT TO EMAIL FRANK NIFONG :)  We have a very qualified PLAYER AGENT that you will email.  His name is Marshall Spillman.  ([email protected]).  Marshall will document the issue and discuss with the respective director in that division.  After discussing, he will address with the coach and discuss with you, the parent.  If needed, he will contact me and we will all sit down and discuss and hopefully, fix the problem.
You should not have a problem with the umpire.  They are paid and very qualified.  Do not fuss at them or question calls or balls and strikes.  Fussing at them will get you sent to your car very quickly and can possibly remove you for the rest of the season.  Your coaches have been taught how to respectfully discuss RULE questions.  Judgement calls - like balls and strikes - cannot be questioned and have historically sent coaches home and suspended from games.  It will not be tolerated.  Remember, they are human and make mistakes just like the rest of us.
COMPLEX SAFETY - I have went over this before, but here it is again

-  Spring time brings spring thunder storms.  If lightning has been detected (within 6 miles) the board member on duty along with our umpires will send everyone to their cars.  Players MUST take their equipment with them in the event that we rain out and the games are postponed.  When I say you will be sent to your cars, that means cars.  Not the concession stand or standing beside of your car, it means inside your car.  And no, the back of the truck is not allowed either.  If you have ordered food when the storm comes up, we will refund you your money.  All I need is an email.  The food is not worth your life.  Trust me when I say that we have had some severe lightning strikes in the past.
-  We are known for our copperheads.  The property we play on is adjacent to Dutchman's Creek and natural habitat of the copperhead.  They live in the woods and our kids should not be in the woods.  They should be with their coaches or with you. 
-  If you spot a bee's or wasp nest, let the on duty board member know and we will take care of it.  The dugouts are a great place for wasp to build nests.
- The parking lot is not a playground.  Most days are very busy at the complex, especially on opening day.  Keep your kids with you and do not let them play in the parking lot areas.  A few years ago, I pulled a kid out from under a truck that was about to back out.  The driver never saw the kid and would've crushed him.  He and his buddies were playing hiding-go-seek.  Please help me with NOT letting that happen again.  I just about had a heart attack.
-  Keep off the hillside.  We are currently working on steps from the concession stand to the bull pin area batting cages.  From the batting cages, your child will go down to the fields via the steps alongside of the softball field.  Not the hillside.
-  Smoking is only permitted in our designated smoking area that is located on the far end of the parking lot (beside of our metal utility building) 
I apologize for the length of the email but good communication and safety is the key to a successful program.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 
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